School Introduction

Our School Policy

For your future life

Sonoda Gakuen is a girl’s junior and high school in Amagasaki, Japan. We strongly support and guide every student with great care under our school’s motto, “To let her have dreams and hopes to proceed toward a brilliant future.” We provide an education that brings out superior abilities from each student. An education that is abundant not only in knowledge but also in humanity and personal integrity to help lead our students toward a brilliant future. We ensure that every student develops and matures in our school through her daily studies and close contact with teachers and classmates.


To know yourself better and imporve yourself more

Choosing the right path to follow when entering a school is difficult. In order to make it easier, we have developed curriculums and events that are prepared just for you. We believe that it is important to know yourself better and improve yourself as early as possible in your life.